1. Tracking club of Victoria. For information about the wonderful world of tracking.
2.    Golden Retriever Club of Victoria. This is wonderful site that has a wealth of information about the beautiful golden retriever.  There is information here about inherited diseases the health and conformation of your golden.
3. Dogs Victoria.
4. Acacian Golden Retrievers. The sire from Kaala’s first litter (Nelson) was owned by my friend Carol Hobbelen.
5. Harvikgold Golden Retrievers. Wonderful goldens owned and bred by my friend Vickie Harris in NSW. Vickie is both a conformation judge and an obedience judge with many years in breeding and dog pursuits.
6. Kintala Puppy School. A highly recommended school for early socialization and training of your puppy golden.
7. Australian and New Zealand Golden Retrievers Breeders website has wonderful information on health screening:
8.  Another good article on health of the Golden Retriever:

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